June 1, 2017: What Happens After You Die (and other topics)

Thursday Huddle this week (June 1) is back at my “condo” – usual time 8pm.  See below for My Coordinates.

This will be an interesting week as I will be moving within the building from unit #224 to unit #415.  (If a few people want to come over early at 7pm, I can use some help moving the dining room table. 🙂 Please let me know in the next day or so.)

Thursday’s Possible Topics

  1. What’s on your heart and mind?   We’ll go around the table as usual.  Everyone will get a chance if you have something to share.If there are topics (with or without associated readings) you would like to share in advance, please Reply All to the whole group.
  2. Around the Easter Sunday timeframe, there were some discussions about: Where do we go after we die?  What happens to us when we die? While I away in Gloucester, MA I had a chance to talk with a good friend who as written a lot about this *and* her article is 100% scripture based …with scripture references. :-)Please have a look at the following article/link (and the referenced scripture readings): “Where do we go when we die” https://godsmorning.live/2017/01/08/where-do-we-go-when-we-die/   There are too many readings for one week.  We’ll spread them out over the next couple weeks.
  3. Two weeks ago, there was a brief discussion/interest shared about the topic of the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Do you have any readings to share related to this topic?Let’s start queuing up some readings to cover this a week or two down the road.

See you all on Thursday.  I hope you can make it.

God bless you and all those around you, today and forever,

Michael Herman (Toronto)

My Coordinates

Suite 224 – 18 Harding Blvd, Richmond Hill  (soon to be Suite 415)

  • Harding Blvd just east of Yonge Street (south of Major Mackenzie)

My cell: (416) 524-7702

Other Important Things

p.s. Can someone forward this to Brook and her husband, I don’t have their email addresses. Thank you.

p.p.s.  I’ve sent most folks individual emails asking if you want to receive further Thursday Huddle emails.  If you want to be removed from the mailing list, please let me know.

p.p.p.s. Please forward this invitation to anyone you know who might want to join us.

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